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Biblical Culture
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It is our sincere desire you will enjoy a worship experience that will bring the challenge of God's truth with an encounter of His presence. You will find the enrichment of how the roots and foundation of God's Word comes alive in a relevant way, without compromise. We believe God's love, through the instruction of His Living Word enables the change one needs to make; as we all endeavor to draw closer to our Savior together.



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In joining one of our home services, you will expect to find a warm community of believers, with passion and hearts who seek after God. Prayer and ministry time is available for anyone at every service, as we also desire to see our Father heal and move powerfully in everyone's life. We teach the truth of the scriptures in a way each individual will gain "everyday life tools" that will help them in their walk with the Father, along with the knowledge and information to build the life and image of our Messiah in the believer.


Our meetings together have a casual and relaxed feel. Come as you are, bring your children, and let's worship together. We are family, right?"


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welcome to the eagles' nest

Thanks for stopping by The Eagles' Nest. We are building a network of home churches in Jacksonville and whether you have been around church for a long time, or you are looking to find a family of believers to connect with, we invite you to join us. Here at The Eagles' Nest, we desire to see believers enriching their love for the Father, as it makes an impact in their relationships and the world around them. Join us for a time of worship and faith building as we experience God's presence together and begin to see the community of Mandarin changed with His love. Our goal is to see believers grow in community through experiencing God in His presence and culture.

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